Clean Step Mats Are An Aid to Cleanliness For Builders

clean step mats for buildersWhen people step into a home from outside, they are likely to bring in mud and dirt that has attached itself to the soles of their shoes. Homeowners find it difficult to keep their front doors and entrance halls free of dirt and debris. Most homes will have mats that are meant to be used to wipe shoes before entering a home.
A clean step mat is different from mats that are in traditional use and solves all the problems associated with keeping a home neat and clean. People, especially builders are often reluctant to wipe their shoes on mats and are wary of mats that slide when they are stepped on. Quite often, mud and dirt on the bottoms of shoes continue to stick to them even after they are wiped on a mat. Clean step mats attract the dirt from a shoe and reduce the need for any wiping on mats.

Clean step mats are made from cotton and contain microfibers that are known to attract dirt. These fibers trap water and dirt instantly as soon as they come in contact with the mat. These mats will have a backing that prevents the mat from moving, due to this non-slip backing. Mats are available in a standard size of 18 inches by 28 inches, and you can always put in two mats if you have a wider doorway.

Another advantage with these mats is that they can be used on any floor, whether it is tile, stones, marble, or hardwood. They soak up the moisture to some extent, though it can be advisable to dry them out in the sun occasionally. They can be machine washed and it is always advisable to buy an extra mat that can be used while one is in the wash.These mats are better air dried than being machine dried.

Clean step mats act like blotters because they are super absorbent and absorb dirt and water as soon as they are stepped on. They have a combination of microfibers and cotton fabric in almost equal measure. They can be used for front doors, garage entries, back yard entries and any other door that will have people tracking in with dirt and mud on their shoes.These mats have a low profile and are thus less likely to get stuck under doors in case they move to block the entrance. The latex backing at the back of the mats prevents them from sliding and ensures that they remain in position.

Clean step mats will prevent mud, water, rain or even grass from entering your rooms, as long as the person entering the room does step on the mat before making an entry. These mats are available in most home stores and can just as easily be ordered online from various sellers. They can prevent paw prints in a home from pets that have been let out of the home. The use of these mats makes it much easier to keep homes and floors clean.

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