How To Clean Carpets?

Seeing as carpets are typically expensive, you naturally want to keep them clean. In fact, you want to extend the life of the carpet for as long as you possibly can. But you have to use the right carpet cleaning approach if you want to be effective. Otherwise, you risk damaging the carpet.


So, in light of providing you with some advice on how to clean carpets, keep the following in mind:

First Assess The Stain

Different stains require different tactics for removal. For example, a patch of mud is not nearly as intimidating as red wine on a white carpet. And chances are the mud stain will come out much easier than the wine stain. Which means you want to think about the best method on how to clean the carpet and actually remove the stains.

Simply grabbing a brush and the first cleaning chemical you can find to clear up the stain can only make things worse. For example, the chemical can bleach the carpet, which brings up the next critical consideration.

Consider The Material Of The Carpet

Certain carpets are going to require more particular cleaning methods. That is because carpets are made of different fabrics like wool, cotton, and even nylon. The latter is probably the easiest type of carpet to clean, but the point is you cannot it clean it the same way you clean a wool carpet.

After assessing the stains and the type of material the carpet is made of, then you can research the most effective cleaning methods. And not only will it keep the carpet looking great, but it extends the time you get to use it with pride.

Is The Carpet Portable?

Always think about whether the carpet is portable before using buckets of water. Because if the carpet is a permanent part of the living room, the less water you can use the better. The last thing you want is water damage after you simply try to clean the carpets.

When carpets are portable, wash them outside where they can easily get dry. At the same time, wash in an area that is easy to prepare, like the driveway.

Use Careful Cleaning Approaches That Do Not Damage The Carpet

Finally, check your methods for cleaning the carpet. There are situations when you damage the fibres of the carpet. And constantly washing the carpet in this destructive manner will only be counter-productive.

wool carpet

Last Option for your Carpet

If all fails to clean the carpet you probably will have to trash it and get a new one. Many carpet shop specialist are around London will be able to help you. Looking at Uniq Floors carpet shop located in north London as an example, they offer carpets from manufacturers like Comar and Cavalier that tend to be strong and reliable option for people looking for a quality choice.

Though before you trash it you may want to get an second opinion to see if it can be clean by calling a local carpet cleaners to come around and take a look at it.


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